Good thing, bad thing

Good thing:

Today in the mail I received this lovely gift card, a surprise all the way from California, the home state of the very lovely blogger Cassie of Moon Face. I sent Cassie one of four travelling copies of Airmail, because I love reading her blog so much.
Bad thing:
Mr B has gone out for dinner tonight (don’t worry, Government, he’ll be back in time for the Census), and I’m spending the evening doing this.

Good thing:

I just ordered this beautiful little necklace, a turquoise ball suspended inside a vintage brass cage, from The Blue Balloon on Etsy. I can’t wait to wear it. (Mini bad thing: I was alerted to this lovely shop by Brittni from Papersnitch, but I FORGOT TO USE THE DISCOUNT SHE OFFERED.)

Bad thing:

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I’ve been up and working since 4am. My eyebrows hurt.

Good thing:

Only three sleeps to go until our little weekend away in Sydney for Mr B’s birthday. Then on Monday I fly to Adelaide to move us into this sweet, cookie-cutter sandstone fronted cottage (complete with a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and my very own office, no less). Let the nesting frenzy begin.

What’s good and bad in your life, dear friends?

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