The pen pal post

Today I pulled together a little pen pal package for my new friend Hermine in Belgium. It was such a fun treasure hunt! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Find out here. This is what I put in the big, padded envelope.

The inventory:

* A sprig of pink gum blossoms, purloined from the parklands on my walk
* A few pages torn from 1930s children’s classic Blinky Bill (a spare copy)
* A postcard of Glenelg (a little beachside town in Adelaide)
* A cute little airmail-themed gift card
* A lovely, hand-drawn postcard on wood, that I bought in New York
* Some pretty, coloured tissue paper
* A travelling copy of Airmail with the hand-painted bookplate
* A chocolate frog from Darrel Lea
* A photograph of my mother as a girl, arm raised in a snowball fight
* Three marbles (of course!)
* A necklace made out of a birthday candle
* A polariod self portrait showing my reflection in the tea-kettle
* Some cutout pictures of my new home of Adelaide and South Australia
* Two fall leaves given to me from my friend in Connecticut
* A hand-written letter-excerpt from Airmail covered in international stamps
* A cute ribbon with a butterfly in the centre, from Anthropologie
* A turquoise, hand-painted wooden egg

(Not pictured)
* Three little squares of vintage, yellow, chintz fabric
* A 50 cent coin (because all the edges are so pretty)
* A letter, telling Hermine about life in Australia

I hope it all makes it to Antwerp safely, and that Hermine likes it!

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