Paris flea markets

Reason #612 why I need an apartment in Paris: so that I will have a place to put all the amazing and ridiculously cheap finds at Paris’ several marchés aux puces (flea markets). I need space, par example, for that antique typewriter; that gloriously carved and upholstered chair; that ancient Turkish lantern; those three concertina cameras; that tarnished, silver tea set; and that sweet little watercolour by a little known artist from La Belle Époque.

However, finding myself somewhat wanting in the Parisian apartment department (give me time), I have had to make do with these small mementos.

* A beautiful, tall antique bottle
* Another antique bottle, this one a heavenly dark blue
* Four antique postcards (later, I’ll try to translate the messages)
* A lovely, rusty old key. I wonder what it once opened
* Three unused antique postcards, to send to friends
* A little book on French history
* Antique Queen Elizabeth tin
* A colourful woven basket (not pictured because it was too big)

And some other reasons why my bag was so heavy:

* A hand painted Christmas bauble from Paris
* Little glass bird, found in Carcassonne
* Reproduction of an ancient map of Venice
* A fantastically trashy and touristy Rome mug
* A Venetian mask (the girls bought us one each for my birthday party)
* Two tiny vials of perfume from Grasse
* A glass Christmas bauble from Murano, Venice (Santa driving a gondola)
* Glass candy, also from Murano
* Sweet little purse depicting Marie Antoinette fashion
* A flipbook with a romantic Paris street scene
* Flower stickers
* Leftover stamps, since the kids didn’t send as many postcards as expected
* Three watercolours from an artist in Monmartre, and another two from Venice
* Novels The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and The Lady and the Little Fox Fur, and children’s picture book Paris Y Es Tu? (too big to be pictured)
* A wonderful notebook with vibrant squares of Pantone colour
* Piece of handmade Venetian lace
* Shoulder bag from my favourite bookstore EVER, Shakespeare & Co (Paris)

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