Where the wild things are

Earlier this week I blogged about the strange and lovely search terms that people use to find their way to my little corner of the Internet. One of the search terms was “power of music and imagination.” It truly warmed my heart that someone found me through such a phrase.

I’m guessing that what came up was a post I wrote about Peter and the Wolf some time ago. But today, I’m going to give that person another option.

Watch the story unfold in this beautifully produced music video by Aussie (Melbourne) group The Paper Kites. Where do you think these wild children are going? And what are they up to? I won’t ruin the surprise for you, you’ll have to watch it to the end (that won’t be difficult).

I just love the dream-like landscape of this video, woven in with acoustic strings and gentle harmonies. Something about it all fires the imagination. I am going to buy their their EP, Woodlands, and try playing it while I write.

It’s always a little bit embarrassing when it takes someone from the other side of the world to alert me to talent in my own back yard. But, not for the first time, that’s exactly what happened here.

Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel consistently uncovers wonderful things and, if you haven’t visited Black Eiffel yet, I highly recommend you do. Pronto. It was Rachel who introduced me to The Paper Kites, via her blog. I’d heard of them, but never actually listened to them. Thank you, Rachel, I really must pay more attention. And in the meantime, I’m glad I have your blog!

(ps. All photos are from The Paper Kites on Facebook)

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