In my mailbox (and yours)

Lately I’ve been drawing pictures on the mail I’m sending. The ladies at my local post office seem to like it. Hopefully my friends will, too.
I was inspired to draw pictures on parcels by this wonderful book, posted to ME recently by my dear friend Ruby Blessing. I love Edward Gorey’s little graphic stories, and already have two of them at home. How did she know? I can’t wait to delve into the wonderful letters inside this book!
And look what else arrived in my mailbox last week, all the way from my lovely postal pal Hermine, in Belgium. She sends the sweetest, most creative little parcels, I just love getting them.
Then yesterday afternoon I answered the door to the postman and JUST LOOK what arrived, sent from my dear friends Michelle and Kevin in Sydney, who stayed with us just last weekend. I am incredibly spoiled.
How about you? What have you found in your mailbox lately? What are you sending to friends?

(ps. As always, if you buy a copy of my novella Airmail, I promise to send you a personal letter in the mail. Just let me know.)

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