Sweater weather

Oh how I’m loving the early mornings right now. I wake up in the pre-dawn to feed little Madeleine and, most days, the sky starts to turn grey and then pink while while we cuddle together. It is a gentle start to the day, me and M cocooned in our warmth and love, with only the gentle sound of her breathing and swallowing to break an otherwise-silent bubble.

Outside, the air carries ice and the wind twists trees bare of leaves into kinetic sculptures, sending pink camellia petals eddying across the road. Right now, the wind is positively howling, ghost story fashion, up and down the disused chimneys of my home, while rain slaps and rattles at the windows. But we are soft and safe and warm together inside. I just made tea and marmalade toast.

This is my favourite time of year, and it is most definitely sweater weather. If I had one sheepish girl’s talent with needle and thread, I would carry a sweet embroidered sweater in my journal with me everywhere.

(Images of this adorable embroidered sweater used with the kind permission of One Sheepish Girl. I highly recommend her beautiful blog.)

And here I am elsewhere:

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* On iVoices: How do you wear your baby?

* On English Muse: Sydney street art

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