Lately, on Instagram

spring! – long walks through fitzroy and carlton – vege burgers – hail storms – jasmine blossoms – fathers’ day – painted elephants – socks for trees – breakfast at tiffany’s – the talking tram in bendigo – a baby that smells sooooo good

What’s been happening in your neck of the woods?

ps. I also write for iVillage:

* How do you define ‘home’? (+ making friends when working from home + revisiting the ‘cafe test’)
* My love is not like a butterfly

and English Muse:

* Antipodean dispatch: Eucalyptus (is anyone else devastated that this film didn’t happen?)

and Smarter Business Ideas:

* Big shoes to fill (can your family business survive your retirement?)

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One thought on “Lately, on Instagram

  1. Gosh you’ve been busy writing. I\’m so behind in reading (and writing) – but can\’t wait to catch up on your work. I love your instagram shots. You capture a beautiful life.

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