“Naomi Bulger’s novella Airmail is a postmodern take on the connections between people, and the effects people can have on us… Airmail is a philosophical cupcake; perfect to enjoy in one go with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon. This is a book that will leave its footprints in your mind for days.”
Spitpress magazine (Issue 8) >>

Airmail is a short, endearing story which Bulger has infused with the sort of mystery and wonderment all of us once felt as children… I finished it in a day, a testament to the quality of the book rather than my reading ability.”
Author Exposure >>

“The author has created very likeable characters who grow and learn despite the length and will leave you quite satisfied. If you would like a quick quirky read, then Airmail by Australian author Naomi Bulger, is an entertaining read.”
The Australian Bookshelf >>

Airmail is one of the most engaging, thought provoking novellas I’ve ever read. In short order, Naomi Bulger delves into the possibilities of story telling… Bulger’s narrative prowess is a wonderful addition to the magic realism genre. I look forward to more from her in the future. I highly recommend Airmail.”
Reading is Sexy >>

“Part insider’s tour of downtown New York, part insider’s tour of a delusional brain, Airmail, the debut novella by Enmore author Naomi Bulger, is ‘as illuminating and entertaining as a well-wrought parable,’ according to Driftwood Manuscripts. I call it strange. And beautiful. Rollicking entertainment for the thinking reader.”
Inner West Live >>

“Part epistolary confession, part Alice and Wonderland, part journey into madness, this quirky little book winds up being quite the philosophical handful… The book has been called charming, funny, quirky, profound, and yes, it is all those things. It is also very dark and insightful and compelling. This is one of the better books I have read all year.”
Cheryl Gardner >>

“Naomi Bulger’s quirky, creative writing style delivers a perfect combination of suspense and delight in this quick read. Nothing is predictable! I am eagerly looking forward to the next published work from this new voice in literary fiction.”
–Patricia Sands >>

“Ms. Bulger has written an eccentric and beautiful story of loneliness and connection. Some may find it slightly surreal, except it’s not – not when you’ve been paying close attention to the world around you.
Chaotic Compendiums >>

Airmail is a quirky novella with a premise that takes a decidedly surreal turn. Bulger explores themes of communication, connection and alienation from both others and self. It has a dark tone intertwined with moments of humour and tenderness.”
Book’d Out >>

“This is a book that is so enjoyable that it can easily be read in one sitting… I had no idea throughout this novel what was going to happen next and got surprise after surprise, every time I turned the pages. Overall a fantastic novel that deserves great recognition.”
Every Book has a Soul >>

“Although this book was short, it causes a reader to think while, and after, reading it. This was a smartly written book.  Definitely an entertaining quick read that will make you think ‘what if…'”
–Literary R&R >>

“This story has action and suspense as well. It’s a wonderfully crafted story of lives and how they intersect, and the magic of it all. It’s a great read.”
Alchemy of Scrawl >>

Airmail was a quick, quirky, fun little read. Not knowing how the next installment of Anouk’s run in with the lady in the pink tracksuit – a storyline that glues all the pieces together – will come next always kept me on my toes and I believe is one of the reasons that makes it a quick read… Reading Airmail felt like a dream.”
100 Stars or Less >>

“It’s funny and charming and profound. There is a dark undertone to this book that had me holding my breath thinking ‘oh no!’ All in all, I found several things to like about this book and in the end, a few days later, I find that I’m still thinking about it.”
Book Lover’s Hideaway >>

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this story and was pleasantly surprised throughout my reading. This story kept me on edge, never knowing what was going to come with the next line or what the characters would do. If you’re looking for something different to read, then please add Airmail by Naomi Bulger to your list.”
The Book Diva’s Reads >>

“AMAZING! I absolutely loved this book from word go!… As I got towards the last few chapters of the book, I found myself holding my breath, I was flipping through the pages, at what felt like lightening speed. I just wanted to know how it ended.”
Ashton the Book Blogger >>

Airmail’s quirky charm, subtext of darker themes and intellectual engagement will, I think, prove attractive for those (particularly in the 18-35 bracket) attracted to quirky postmodern tales in the mould of [Etgar] Keret’s Bus Driver Who Played God collection or cult movies like Donnie Darko. Indeed, it is by no means impossible to see this text attracting some kind of small but persistent cult following that Keret and [Will] Self’s skilful short fiction has built up over the last several years.”
–Driftwood Manuscripts >> (comments on draft MS)

“Engaging and distinctive… There are lovely wry, sometimes humorous and often poignant moments throughout. In the novel’s slightly cockeyed worldview you have a story of mismatched individuals in a world where magic touches the diurnal.”
–Christine Nagel: former Editor, Black Swan (comments on draft MS)

“A joy to read.”
–Sally Scott: former Managing Editor, Black Swan (comments on draft MS)


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